In 2016, Natalia traveled with her two sons to Maine for April vacation with her friend Kimberly, who is from Maine, to spend time with Kimberly’s family in Maine.  On this trip, Kimberly took Natalia and sons Miguel and Tiago to Portland, Maine.  During the day in Portland, they went to J’s Oyster for lunch and this is where Natalia was introduced to “crab rolls” for the first time! 

When they went to order lunch, Natalia asked Kimberly what she was going to order and Kimberly shared that she thought she would order the crab roll as she loves them.  Natalia asked “what is a crab roll???” since she had never had one! Kimberly explained it is like a lobster roll but with crab…Natalia was sold on this idea and ordered one! Miguel also ordered a crab roll to try it and Tiago stuck with a traditional lobster roll.
Natalia, Miguel, and Kimberly all ordered the crab roll and ordered a side of melted butter and asked for hot sauce.  Miguel concocted what Natalia to this day still makes as her crab rolls.

Natalia’s Recipe – created by son Miguel:
12 oz fresh local crab meat (real crab)
2 tbsp melted butter (real butter, not clarified)
1 tbsp of real mayonnaise
Red Devil Hot Sauce (Natalia users this brand for this as it is less vinegary tasting)
Salt and pepper to taste
1 hot dog roll
additional butter for roll

Mix the melted butter and mayonnaise in a bowl and add a couple of dashes of hot sauce blending all together.  Mix in crab meat.  Butter a hot dog roll and grill to golden brown. Add crab meat mixture and salt and pepper to taste. Enjoy.

Maine Crab Roll

Traditional Maine Crab Roll is served with naked crab meat in a grilled hot dog roll with lettuce and mayonnaise on the side.